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Internet marketing has become more and more popular nowadays among businesses around the world. Considering that organizations have discovered the wide range benefits of internet marketing and leveraged the advantages of online business in promoting products and services in the virtual market, internet marketing has indeed become the leading medium for marketing all over the world.

Unlike mass marketing, which effectively piques the interest of the local audience by means of radio spots, newspapers and print media, internet marketing allows companies to nurture a more personal relationship with their consumers from all over the world. Thanks to the advantages of digital marketing services, businesses can deliver quality content to their customers through personalized and cost-effective communication.

Acknowledging all the benefits that internet marketing can offer your business, developing a professional internet marketing campaign can help you retain your existing customer base and attract new customers to your product or brand. This, in turn, will help you grow your business and increase your return on investment (ROI) over the long term.

Here is a list of the top 15 advantages of internet marketing for your business.

1. Convenience And Quick Service

The incredible convenience of marketing online is one of the biggest advantages of internet marketing. The internet has extremely easy accessibility with consumers using the internet and reaching markets anywhere in the world. Because of this, purchasing goods from across borders now reduces the cost of transportation.

For importers, this is a huge advantage as it means they can order online right from the comforts of their home. In addition, you can easily track sales items online as they make their way into delivery. You can download digital products from the internet with just a click of a mouse. Internet marketing is great for business as it gives consumers a better and more comfortable shopping experience.

2. Low Cost For Operations And A Wider Reach

One of the significant advantages of online marketing for businesses is its low operating cost. You can advertise at a cheaper rate with internet marketing than with traditional methods of advertisement such as ads in newspapers, on television and on the radio. Plus, these advertisements have a wider reach, owing to the increased use of devices by most consumers. In fact, according to some figures shared by Google, at the 2016 Canadian Doubleclick Leadership Summit, every two out of three Canadians use two or more devices on a regular basis. And to add to this, around 69% of them use multiple devices while making just one purchase.

In addition, the internet allows you to contact your customers in a jiffy in comparison to how you would contact them traditionally. Also, it is much more affordable, time-saving, and environment-friendly than any traditional communication methods. For instance, sending multiple mail-outs or printing brochures involves several tedious steps of getting them printed on paper, sending them out through your distribution team for delivery or ensuring that they are delivered on time to the right person. On the contrary, with internet marketing, you can send the same information in a personalized email or share the information on any of the social media platforms, thereby saving you on printing, paper, and postage.

3. Measure And Track Results

An aspect of internet marketing that is rarely available with traditional marketing is the ability to measure and track results. With online marketing, your business can utilize various tools, such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Doppler and Crazy Egg, for tracking results of your advertising campaigns. Using these tools, not only can you measure and track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns, but also illustrate its progress in detailed graphics.

Measuring and tracking results gives you a better idea of how your marketing campaign is faring. It gives you an insight into the actual effectiveness of the campaign, tells you what works and what does not, and gives you a direction as to how you can better grow your traffic, leads, sales, and conversions. Without the ability to measure and track your results, you cannot alter or modify your marketing campaign to ensure it delivers better results.

4. Demographic Targeting

Have you ever wondered why more than 90% of users who visit a website do not necessarily get converted into customers? Mass marketing is the answer to this. Also, the ongoing debate about using online marketing strategies optimally and the huge list of online marketing advantages and disadvantages need to be looked into.

Research reveals that custom-made, strategic advertisements get you eight times more the returns than otherwise. Therefore, demographic targeting plays a key role in the success of your business. Marketing your products and services online gives you the ability to target your audience based on demography. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on the audience that you truly want to offer your products or services to. In other words, it gives you the ability to target specific customers you think are likely to purchase your product or hire your services. Every time someone visits your website and fills in a form, it gives you an idea of who may be interested in your products and services and lets you discover important details about them such as age and interests, which better shapes your services to match their needs.

5. Global Marketing

The ability to market your products and services across countries is one of the biggest advantages of global marketing for business. Within several months of following aggressive SEO techniques, you can expect a huge number of hits your website, secure millions of viewers and reach audiences from across the world.

Take the case of Airbnb. This company started operations in 2008 in San Francisco, California. Since then, it has seen a continuous rise in its number of listings, which now stands over 1,500,000 in more than 34000 cities. So, what contributed to its huge success? It is pure internet marketing through social media.

This is a true example to portray how with internet marketing, you can easily reach beyond your geography to offer your products or services to customers worldwide. Wherever your target audiences are, you can reach them 24/7 and from any country all over the world.

6. Ability To Multitask

One of the core benefits of digital marketing is its ability to handle millions of customers at the same time. This is also the reason why it is important for you to optimize your website design to make it device-friendly. It must be built to ensure that is accessible through any device, be it a notebook, smartphone, or a laptop. As long as a website’s infrastructure is efficient, numerous transactions can take place seamlessly and simultaneously.

This means that even with a large number of transactions taking place, your website is capable of providing satisfactory service to every customer who makes a purchase online. This high adaptability of internet marketing is an important benefit that businesses can take advantage of to gift their consumers the best shopping experience.

7. 24/7 Marketing

Internet marketing reduces cost and runs around the clock. That means that your marketing campaigns run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Compared to traditional marketing, internet marketing does not have any limitations in terms of opening or closing hours. At the same time, you would not have to worry about overtime pay for your staff.

In addition to this, you need not put in any extra efforts to adjust any regional or international time difference that may affect the reachability or availability of your offers or online campaigns. Whenever someone opens their computer and connects to the internet, there is a high chance of them seeing your marketing campaign. Furthermore, customers can look for their favourite product at their most convenient time and right from the comforts of their home or office.

8. Automated, Tech-Savvy Marketing

Another advantage of internet marketing is that marketing this way is easy with a one-mouse-click automation. Compared to traditional offline marketing where marketers delegate various tasks to the best hands and talents, internet marketing takes advantage of a more tech-savvy method. For instance, you can use to automate your emails. Similarly, you can check out AdRoll for aggressively targeting your existing customer base. Oracle Eloqua is yet another tool that is highly effective for running automated yet personalized marketing campaigns.

The crux of the matter is that internet marketing gives you the opportunity to turn every aspect of your business’s operations into a fully-automated system.. All you need to do is find the right tool and technology suited to your marketing campaign and you are done. By automating your marketing campaign, you can choose to do something more valuable with your time.

9. Data Collection For Personalization

Transactions through the internet allow you to collect data. Whenever a customer purchases a product through a company’s website, their data is captured. There are various ways that you can collect customer data including customer profiles or through their behaviour while on your website. Another way of collecting customer data is the use of internet tools or with any tracking software. The information collected typically includes age, gender, location, how they came to your site, what sites they visited after they left, viewed products and the pages visited on your site.

Your business can use this data in different ways. Most businesses analyze data to find out what product and/or services sell frequently. Furthermore, the data collected can help segment customers, so that your business can send them ads and other promotional materials based on their buying habits and interests.

Compared to traditional marketing, online marketing allows for better data collection as well as personalization. Through this advantage of internet marketing, businesses can serve millions of customers with various products based on their personal interests. Thus, shoppers can easily get their desired products without having to scour the internet all day.

10. Diversified Marketing And Advertising

When targeting your audience, diversification plays an important role in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Diversification means that you can use a variety of tactics and strategies in order to reach your prospects. With online marketing, diversification becomes a lot easier. At the same time, it is possible for you to run varying marketing techniques simultaneously to better implement your marketing campaign.

11. Easy Tweaking To Your Marketing And Advertising Campaigns

It is inevitable in marketing and advertising that something needs to be tweaked in order to optimize your campaigns. Compared to traditional marketing, online advertising is much easier to play around with. Whenever the campaign needs to be modified, online marketing allows the modification to happen without having to worry about downtime, service interruption or even halting the entire system.

This means that you can easily change the appearance of your online shopping mall – your website – by changing a few lines in the cascading style sheet (CSS) that links to the web page.

12. Instant Transaction Service

Executing transactions is easy and nearly instant online. You can do this through a digital payment service so that there is no need for a cash transaction to go between the marketer and the customer to buy and sell merchandise. This is all possible due to payment processing solutions executed by third-party payment processing companies such as PayPal.

13. Better Sales Relationships

In traditional marketing, merchants often give their business cards or pamphlets to their customers after or during a sale. However, what happens is often on such occasions, customers lose the cards or misplace them. The only time the buyer would remember about the card was if they had the intention of visiting the seller again. In the end, most customers do not remember the seller, forget the card; hence, this marketing method does not work to convince buyers to return.

This is different from internet marketing where the marketers can easily collect email addresses of their prospects and buyers, which they can use in reaching out and forming a relationship with the customer. They can provide customers with valuable information such as information about the purchased product, available coupons on their products and services, special discounts and new products through a short and crisp email. Aside from email addresses, they can also use social media for consistent interaction with customers.

14. Time-Effective Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, internet marketing is easy to start and quick to implement. You can easily set up a marketing campaign at any time that is convenient for you. In fact, you can set up email marketing for your business within a matter of hours. Also, in the next few minutes, you can set up an autoresponder and create a marketing list for your business.

Plus, you can use effective web push notifications (WPNs) or browser push notifications (BPNs) to effortlessly engage your customer base. While WPNs have their own set of advantages and disadvantages of online marketing, statistics show that over 65% of customers enable WPNs for their preferred shopping sites. To make these notifications work in your favour, there are a few tips you may follow:

  • Send time-sensitive discounts to first-time users or inactive buyers.
  • Share price-drop alerts to the more frequent buyers.
  • Be customer-centric and send targeted product information and coupon codes to them.

15. Continued Marketing Campaign

The lasting effects of any marketing campaign are one of the greatest advantages of internet marketing for business. For example, content marketing efforts, such as creating SEO-optimized blogs and websites or gaining the maximum referral traffic from your content, have the capacity to remain functional and promote your products and services years after you started your marketing campaign. Almost every online marketing technique has viral and long-term effects that can continually improve your site’s traffic.

If you do a detailed study of the several internet marketing advantages and disadvantages, you will observe that the benefits substantially outdo the shortcomings. A larger customer base, improved authority over your business, better visibility, higher response rate, and an increased brand awareness will certainly position your organization among one in the top industry players. So, if you’re looking for better ways to reach out to your audience, Edkent Media is here to help. There are many services to choose from including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click (PPC) marketing. Get in touch with us, today.

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